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Take look at my existing services below to see how I can help make your blog or website bigger and better. If you don’t see what you are looking for drop me a line at inquiry@jessicashipman.com and I’ll see what we can do.

Blog Transfer to WordPress - Starting at $500
Ready to finally make the jump from Blogger to WordPress? I’ll walk you through all the steps and ensure your content, photos, and general  preferences are all transferred over to a new WordPress site that fits your personal brand.

New WordPress Blog Setup - Starting at $300
Creating a blog for a new passion project or just starting out? WordPress is a great choice even for beginners and I can help you get all set up!

WordPress Blog Rebranding & Refresh - Starting at $400
Looking for a new theme or maybe just a refreshed color palette and logo? I’ll connect you with some amazing designers and then get your new personalized brand all set up in WordPress.

New Host Transfer - Starting at $250
Are you ready to leave your current hosting provider in the dust, but don’t know how to make the migration? Let’s chat! I’ll help you find the right host for you and get your blog or website all set up.

Troubleshooting - Rates vary
From major issues like a down site or malicious hacking to problem plugins or minor bugs, I’m here to help. Rates vary based on the specific problem, so send me an email at inquiry@jessicashipman.com for more information.

Site Customization - Rates vary
Looking to refresh your blog colors, but don’t know what the heck a hex code is? Need to set up an automatic backup for your site, but don’t know how or who to go with? Want a custom 404 page or individual redirects? Having trouble with Google Analytics, Rich Pins, or any other website tools setup? Whether one of those speaks to you or you have something else in mind entirely, I want to know! Rates vary based on the specific task, but if you drop me a line at inquiry@jessicashipman.com I can give you a better idea.

Host Maintenance - Rates vary
Whether you are just looking for one specific task like a custom email or setting up subdomains or if you need regular maintenance and support, I can help! No one likes to waste their time on the phone with their host, so I can help you identify the problem and even sit on the call FOR YOU! Rates vary based on the specific problem or need, so let’s chat. Shoot me an email at inquiry@jessicashipman.com and let me know what you’re looking for!

HTML & CSS Coaching - Starting at $150
Ready and willing to learn a bit of code? HTML & CSS are great skills to have, especially when you want the flexibility of modifying your own blog or website.  I’ll provide you with some great resources, homework assignments, and opportunities to put your knew sills to the test PLUS a 45 minute one on one call with me to talk more in depth.

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